Unsettling Tourism Knowledges 

Call For Papers: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, 29th August -1st September 2017.

Dr Claudia Eger, University of Warwick

Heather Jeffrey, University of Bedfordshire

Dr Caroline Scarles, University of Surrey

Sponsored by the Geographies of Leisure and Tourism Research Group (GLTRG) and the Participatory Geographies Research Group (PyGyRG)

Development processes have long been governed by authoritative voices echoing the question: Whose voices? However, the impetus of ‘giving voice’ also raises ethical questions about issues of representation and who is in a position to give, demand and potentially resist voices, such as those prevalent in dominant discourses, which carry their own vocabulary of meaning. This is a pertinent question in tourism research as a multidisciplinary practise, which embraces geographical knowledges embedded in diverse social and cultural contexts. This highlights the need to engage with the scope for coproduction and multidirectionality in knowledge creation to explore the ways in which a logic of inter-subjectivity that acknowledges vulnerability, differences and shifting constructions of subjectivity can be build. This connects with wider ethical agendas and the politics of geographical thinking to embrace different perspectives of what constitutes authorised knowledges. Simultaneously this session asks, whether there is potential for deauthorising and decolonising knowledges and what this process might entail. This follows feminists’ critiques of the grammar of knowledge production to open up spaces for unsettling voices and silences as well as the absences accompanying knowledge creation. Through this critical engagement situated knowledges can be simultaneously dis/located, providing narratives that circumvent, unsettle and potentially reconfigure translated knowledges.

This session aims to traverse disciplinary boundaries and welcomes contributions from all fields of geographical knowledges in the following areas (indicative not exhaustive list):

* Geography and ethics

* Travel and tourism

* Decolonial perspectives of knowledges

* Tourism and decolonisation

* Dis/locating academic discourses

* Unsettling voices in tourism studies

* Authorisation of knowledges

* Feminist theories and practices

* Participatory methodologies

* Ethnographic encounters and positionality

* Reflexive and critical modes of tourism research

* Translating subjectivities in research

We are currently seeking contributions for a paper presentation session involving five presentations each lasting around 15 minutes with time for questions. The presentation may be executed in a traditional or innovative style, and we actively encourage a wide range of styles; including snapshots and pechakucha.

Please send abstracts (approx. 250 words) with author contact details to Claudia Eger (c.eger@warwick.ac.uk) by the 14th February 2017.

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