UK-based resources for Brexit and Trump times

Report hate crime:

A website that offers information about hate crime or incidents, how to report them, a list of organisations that offer more specific support, as well as recent data on hate crime that may be useful in learning and teaching:

Support and resources specific to anti-Muslim hatred:

Report on race hate crimes since Brexit referendum:

Race Equality Framework for Scotland 2016-2030:

A wide-ranging review that remains relevant across learning & teaching, research and activist work:

Hope not Hate, website focuses on campaigns, they also work at grassroots doing training etc:

A guide to the UK immigration and asylum system and taking action for the right to remain:

Anti-Detention campaigning, information and resources:

Organisation offering detainees medical help, through a referral system:

Student network supporting refugees:

City of Sanctuary network resources:

Organisation providing training/resources seeking to counter the current migration narrative:

Unity Centre Glasgow – support for asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland:

Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migrant Network:


Campaigning organisation for human rights:

Information regarding police stop and search:


Raising awareness of everyday sexism:

Taking direct action for domestic violence services:

Resources regarding LGBTX:

5 tips for being an ally:

Support regarding dis/ability rights:


Blog with links to resources for UK permanent residence applications:


Educational resources on ‘race’ issues:


Open access writing on Brexit:


UK environmental actions/info/resources: – links here to many other organisations, actions and resources



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