PyGyRG around the RGS / IBG conference

A range of seminars, discussions and training events will be taking place at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 2016 that may be of interest to both researchers and activists from outside geography.

Free-of-charge ‘fuller places’ are available for non-academics (activists, research partners etc) who wish to participate in a session but do not have access to funding to register for the whole conference. These are allocated by June each year, so if you are interested in applying for one keep an eye out on the email list for information, and contact any of the committee for information.

If you are interested in getting involved in the conference then please consider organising a session. Details about how to do this are posted to our email distribution list in November each year.


Each year we organise a more accessible event aimed primarily at new staff and postgrads, and the general public, aimed at bringing debates to a wider audience.  We have done this in Manchester, Edinburgh and in London in 2014.


You can read about our past events ‘Participatory Geographies and Militant Research at UCL’ (London, 2013) here, and ‘Changing Our World Beyond the Ivory Tower’ (Edinburgh, 2012) here.



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