How we are organised

PYGYRG comprises of its members who are defined in two ways: (1) the formal membership list compiled by the RGS and (2) the wider email discussion list (PYGYWG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK). ‘Members’ incorporates both groups as many of our most active participants are not formally members of the RGS.

There are 3 formal officer positions of the research group as defined by the RGS: the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The group must have each of these three roles to function as a formal RGS research group.

In addition there are a number of other roles that the group organises itself, such as Website officer, Postgraduate rep, Librarian, and Dissertation Prize coordinator.

Finally there is a broader Advisory Board that is populated by those who have previously either held formal officer positions in the group or been heavily involved in the group in the past.

Roles 2018-19


Role Name Affiliation Email
Chair Mike Kesby St Andrews
Secretary Ruth Raynor Newcastle
Treasurer Janet Bowstead Royal Holloway, UOL
Prize Coordinator Richard Scriven National University of Ireland
Early Career Officer Eveleigh Buck-Matthews Coventry
Early Career Officer Francesca Fois Aberystwyth
Social Media Officer Ayse Giz Gulnerman Istanbul Technical University
Postgraduate Representative Clare Bissell Cambridge


Advisory Board

Name Affiliation Email
Kye Askins Glasgow
Peter North Liverpool
Louise Waite Leeds
Sara Kindon Victoria University, NZ
Farhana Sultana Syracuse University, USA
Paul Routledge Leeds
Jenny Pickerill Sheffield
Sophie Wynne-Jones Bangor
Sam Halvorsen Queen Mary, UOL


How decisions are made

We seek to act in a spirit of inclusiveness and participation. Decisions are made in three ways: (1) by participants at the away weekends and AGM, (2) by the core committee, and (3) by the core committee in consultation with the Advisory Board. Only if issues are considered controversial, complex or challenging is the Advisory Board asked for its advice.

Appointment of new officers

This will be agreed by vote at the AGM. Nominations should be submitted to the existing committee in writing one week before the AGM.

Core activities of the group

The RGS has identified 10 core activities that it expects research groups to undertake:

1.       Grant applications

2.      Undertake collaborative research

3.      Host activities at RGS conference

4.      Convene workshops, seminars and conferences

5.      Encourage postgrad participation

6.      Maintain and update websites

7.      Publish books, CD-Roms and journals

8.     Distribute newsletters and bulletins

9.      Promote undergraduate and postgraduate research activity

10.  Nominate colleagues for awards

PYGYRG has historically focused on:

1.       Running annual away weekends

2.      Sponsoring sessions at the annual RGS-IBG Conference

3.      Having dissertation prizes

4.      Running training days

5.      Maintaining a website


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