2017 Critical Participatory Action Research Institute

Join us for the 7th Season of Critical PAR Institutes! The Critical Participatory Action Research Institute is designed to introduce the theory, methods, and ethics of critical participatory action research (PAR) to graduate students, faculty, and members of community based organizations. Through seminars, roundtables, and hands-on workshops with experienced researchers, participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate a critical PAR approach into their scholarship, research, and/or organizing.

What will I learn? 

  • The history, theory, method, and ethics of Critical PAR
  • Building partnerships with community & community –based organizations
  • Creating conditions for meaningful collaboration within research collectives
  • Designing Critical PAR with IRBs & community review boards
  • Participatory approaches to methods and analysis: mapping, visual methods, surveys, interviews, focus groups
  • Engaging the arts and performance as research tools

In addition you will:

  • Advance your current projects & develop new research ideas in a community of peers and experienced Critical PAR researchers (both university & community based)
  • Join a diverse international network of Critical Participatory Action Researchers

Applications are due JANUARY 9th, 2017

Apply here

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